Course Information

Your training day is set out as so:


This course is a one-day course, times are generally 9.30-4 pm but we can be flexible and change the start of finish time if possible, we truly want to make this easy for you, especially if you have children in school or are traveling to us.


The full printable manual is available on the online portal. The theory is broken down into sections for ease of use. 


Emphasis is on the practical on the training day, after summarising theory, the rest of the day will be devoted to practical work. This will either be demonstrated on a model supplied by us, or in some cases on each other. You may get a chance to experience the treatment yourself depending on time.

Case studies

This may be requested, and are at the discretion of the tutor. As most of our courses are CPD then not always necessary, however, if this is your first step into this sector, you will need to submit case studies, check the information out on each course.


We hope to be able to support you in the run-up to training, during training, and beyond. The online portal holds the theory and in some cases videos and additional resources such as filmed zoom classes. Your tutor will offer additional support if they can sense you need it. 

You are entitled to a free 2-hour top-up, but additional learning after the complimentary 2 hours will be chargeable.

If we feel that you are struggling with the work we will support you as much as possible, but you are not automatically going to receive your diploma unless you are deemed as safe to perform the treatment on a member of the public.