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Swedish massage

Swedish or body massage is the foundation of all massage treatments and is a must-have therapy. to progress to advanced massage, master this treatment first.


Anatomy & Physiology

You must hold a valid certificate to be able to apply for professional insurance.

We supply a level 2 home study course.

Day 1 & 2

We put a lot of emphasis on the practical side of learning, day 1 is the back of the body, and day 2 is the front of the body. We supply models for you to work on. You will also cover the basics of massage, consultation skills and health and safety.

Case studies

You will need to provide evidence of practices that you do in your own time. Working on 4 people and providing 2 full treatments on each person. Provide a consultation form, and treatment plan, to show that you have provided the full service.

Your commitment

To start your massage therapy business you will need to provide a full client journey, we guide you on this throughout your training. We expect you to commit fully to your training, leaving us with a passion to provide fantastic customer care.

Your investment is £400 or £499 with anatomy and physiology.

Our commitment

We provide you with up-to-date training with a passionate trainer whose aim is that you leave the training feeling enthused and competent. We promise to give you undivided attention and an eye for detail.

We offer support before, during, and after training and have a dedicated Facebook closed group for past and present students.

In showing competence, you will be awarded our diploma.

If you would like a refresher, we provide 2 hours free of charge, please get in touch to book it.